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  • We thought that penguins' lovely behavior would help you relaxed and healed. We are taking care of penguins as well-- by having a spacious pool that would not make them feel stressed, and by letting them take enough rest while they are in the backstage.
  • Space per person here is more than 120% of ordinary bars. We have seats in the terrace. You can choose whichever you like depending on your feeling.
  • We are offering so many kinds of cocktails that you can choose one fits to your feeling. You can also order a tailor-made cocktail with your preferred taste to a bartender.
  • A pair of penguins raise their chicks with good care, cooperating together and keeping a long relationship between them. We wish the couples who have wedding parties or after-parties here a long-lasting happy life, celebrated by penguins. Looking at the penguins tottering around and swimming swiftly would let you relaxed. We hope that you enjoy an unusual and exciting party or gathering here. We look forward to welcoming you.